Friday, April 21, 2006

A Night on the Town

Dr. OtterButt and I found ourselves out and about last evening. We began on the patio at Green Street (because there is a patio, and mixed drinks) with Thirty-One Flavors and company. The story about laser hair removal was the funniest thing I've heard in ages. Check over at her blog. She promised to post an update.
OtterButt and I then mosied over to the New Yorker. But first we stopped in at the Oyster Bar for food. After two drinks at GS, we need to rebalance our blood sugar. We began with the fabulous grilled Ahi, which was served with some kind of slaw, followed by New Zealand cockles. We drank some Shiraz and a lot of water. The Ahi was the best food of the evening.
We then went down to the New Yorker, where we had one drink. But mine was the best drink of the evening, a Pomegrante Mojito. What is such a drink? A little slice of heaven. The traditional Mojito (rum, lime, fresh mint) with Pomegrante juice. Delicious!
Then we girl-napped Sylvia and headed over to the Paris for Pomme Frite, red wine, and the Mushroom Tarine (?). All good.
All in all, it was a fabulous evening.


Nik said...

Great fun indeed, though perhaps a bit unbalanced. Next time, more food, less drink. Still, I could eat that Tuna with the crab and the dressing and the mushroom bruschetta all day.

Sleepy E said...

A pomegranite mojito sounds a trifle foofy, but good. Does it cross the line into foofiness? Is something Mid-B would drink?

Lisa B. said...

My hell, this sounds unbelievably fabulous. I especially like that you went to so many places to eat/drink. It's like a Mormon Progressive dinner (where you go to one house for appetizers, the next house for salad, etc.), except there's alcohol.

Nik said...

Yes, we were progressive in many ways. We should do one of those Mormon progressions--but WITH alcohol. HA! Take that Mormons. I'm obviously coopting Dr. Write's space to avoid doing any work. Please to help me.

Dr. Write said...

The pomegranite mojito MIGHT be fooy, but it's served in a martini glass, and is a brillant magenta color. So it is somehow classy and refreshing all at once.

val said...

I say yummy! I was chasing you down but missed you!