Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Presents

The best thing ever happened to me: Son bought me a Christmas present and wrapped it himself. I'm not sure what is better: the gift, or the wrapping. I don't really want to open it because if I do, that's it, the end of the first present Son ever wrapped for me. It's adorable. He just slathered it in paper and taped it together and then wrapped some ribbon around it and taped it. It's so cute! I love it! The best present ever! I don't even care what it is!
The other best present: dinner with the girls at Martine. Delicious! We had...what? Chorizo and red peppers with polenta(so good), portabello mushroom stuffed with shrimp (also good), clams with some kind of red sauce (also the best!), lamb meatballs, scallops and so much more! (i.e., red wine)
Then I came home and there was another present for me!! And MB had organized the whole house. We went to IKEA again on Monday for shelves and other organizational aids, so our house is basically tip-top.
Actually it's warm and cozy and very Christmasy.
We will make sugar cookies on Saturday, maybe other cookies on Sunday (MB's diet really interferes with the baking!), and tamales on Saturday. Then maybe some kind of meat, etc, for Christmas. Oh! I also want to make a cranberry cake for Christmas morning! We'll see how that goes.


susansinclair said...

I! Love! Exclamation! Points! ...almost as much as I love ellipses...

Can you take a picture of said wrapping job?

Lisa B. said...

A picture would really do the trick. You want to remember it anyway. Also, I feel that somehow, that cranberry thingie needs to happen for Christmas morning, then share the recipe, the photos, etc. Breakfast is rapidly becoming my favorite meal of the day. I wish I could have breakfast parties instead of dinner parties. Or in addition to.

Counterintuitive said...

A few days ago I helped my youngest son wrap a present for the family. It's a picture he drew and colored of the family--he's so proud. And now I understand why he kept asking what color of eyes we all had, including the cats.