Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Present

I was going to go shopping with Son for Middlebrow, but then it started snowing. I also need some instant espresso powder for the glaze I'm supposed to put on the cake I made for Son's teacher (for tomorrow). But apparently it's snowing like crazy outside, so instead I'll post a picture of the adorable wrapping job that Son did on my present. And maybe a picture from our sub-zero snowshoeing trip last weekend.


Lisa B. said...

Cuuuute. Awww! The ribbon is the best part, I feel. Merry Christmas! This puts me in mind of the year running son did all his Christmas shopping at the dollar store (he was about 8 or 9, I think), and he bought me a tiny glass warthog for Christmas, a gift I treasure to this day.

I was in the snow on the freeway this p.m., when it started. Nightmare. I bet it will slow down enough for an espresso powder run. (that's a funny phrase, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

So cute. I understand how you feel. Just the fact that they take the time to find the gift and then wrap it. It is an odd shape too, I wonder what it is???? Son also looks cute in the snow!! Only 5 days left. Can you believe it??

Erin Alice

Renaissance Girl said...

son is adorable. Thing 1 hasn't yet made the transition to independent gift-giving yet. i'm sure that when he does, i'll just put the wrapped gift on the mantel.