Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I can't get my mind organized to come up with a coherent theme for this list, so I will just call it Things.
  1. Don't run errands on your birthday. I made the mistake of going to the Pharmacy to pick up my prescription and it made me crabby, because of the intricacies of health insurance and compounds.
  2. IKEA is fun, but it's exhausting, and apparently it's inevitable that you will fight with your spouse while trying to load the large, unwieldy flat packages containing the bookcases you will soon assemble onto the cart that is too narrow.
  3. Tequila is fun, but too much is not fun. Note to self: do not drink too much tequila.
  4. If you don't bake the cake, you won't have one. I was too tired to bake a cake either for myself or for MB. Maybe tomorrow.
  5. Movies are good, but sometimes they are just excuses to fire guns and smash cars into one another. (Bourne Ultimatum). Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  6. MB likes the Miriam & Amadou album I downloaded last year and listened to all around Spain. I guess he never listened to it. It's fun. And it's in French!
  7. Hugh Grant is the best lead in a romantic comedy. Sometimes you just need to watch a romantic comedy and forget about grading and life, etc. (Love Actually)
  8. Chinese food is good for what ails you. (Little World)
  9. MB and I had a fine, but ultimately disappointing breakfast this morning. We will use one of Son's remaining school days to go out for breakfast again.
  10. MB has now assembled and secured the new bookshelves. He is filling them with books right. now. I am watching. His OCD-ness is emerging.
  11. Today we received our first box of Christmas gifts from out of state. Son enjoyed unpacking the box and reading the names off the presents. My mom sent me something for my stocking. It was shaped kind of like a bottle. Son said, "What is this mom? Is it vodka?"
  12. I'm really tired. I'm going to go to bed early.


Lisa B. said...

Your list of things makes me want to reply and query, to wit:

IKEA is hell with modernist furniture.
The Bourne Ultimatum because . . .?Must see Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics, if you haven't, for pure romantic comedy joy.
Where did you have breakfast? A bad breakfast out is a sorry affair, because you had to pay extra, get up, get dressed, and your day starts out funny. My sympathies.
New bookshelves are a great blessing, but they always fill up too darn fast.

Limon said...

OK, first, I thought Bourne was kind of boring. Hugh Grant should've been in it.

Second, you should spend your birthday AVOIDING all shopping because people are awful when they are full of the Christmas spirit.

Finally, I think AM might want to have your son over for dinner--they could discuss vodka.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that limon's comment that "people are awful when they are full of the Christmas spirit" makes me sad! I love Christmas, and I'm not awful! but I do know what you mean. and it makes me sad. and it makes me sad that there's so much commercialism and excess in the midst of so many with so little. For our college, we can buy gifts for the children from the nursery who don't even have sheets on their beds, it makes me feel a little better, but still guilty.
And on a lighter note, i love that son is always talking about liquor!
still can't remember my password, so I'll have to remain anonymous. lisak

Anonymous said...

hugh grant, chinese food, new books shelves....have to agree with all. Is it because we have the same birthday? And at least it was tequila and not peppermint schnapps.

Renaissance Girl said...

The scene with Hugh Grant and his chauffer singing "Good King Wenceslas" killed me.

Too bad he's so evidently a terrible kisser. Really. Look closely at his bad British lips in action next time you watch a dreamy romantic comedy.

Anonymous said...

I too love the son is all about the alcohol. Funny. I was talking to the cashier at Target and she was lamenting about how many people are so mean...I think it is sad too especially when it could be a time to be so nice. Anyway, I have a love/hate affair with IKEA but ultimately I like their furniture. I seem to have forgotten my password as well so I will post anon.

Counterintuitive said...

very jealous you are done with IKEA trip--need to go there but can't face the bigness, the concrete floors, the maze. Maybe I can hire MB to go since I hear he is quite the packer of boxed furniture into small cars.