Monday, December 17, 2007

My World

Today I did all kinds of pre-Christmas errands, and some things that are not covered by that name.
  1. Ate breakfast at Over The Counter. Yum! A Spanish Omelet with home fries and sourdough toast. Delicious.
  2. Bought Son some gifts (neither beer nor vodka).
  3. Went to Toys R Us. Bad idea! It was the lunch hour and everyone else was there too. At least we weren't buying some $349 mini Ranger Rover (or whatever!) like the guy in front of us. I felt most sorry for the under-trained cashier. It's hard out there. You know.
  4. Searched the house for my Christmas card list. Did not find it.
  5. Wrote out a few Christmas cards.
  6. Bought all the stuff to make Chex mix and 7 Layer Bars. Must choose which to make first. (I made the 7 Layer Bars and then the Chex mix, which is still in the oven. Two down!)
  7. Saw two local figures at neighborhood Smiths (Ed Smart and Dooce. At least I think it was her.)
  8. Bought fixings for healthy dinner to counteract the sugar and spice of Christmas season. This week we are eating rice and veggies. Really! Oh, and tofu.
  9. Burned and ripped some CDs. On our new "simplifying" plan we are trying to rid the upstairs of CDs. I am ripping what we want (and we will store those downstairs) and the rest go to wherever obsolete technology goes to die (that would be in the basement with my cassette tapes!).
  10. Found green wool blanket that will serve as tree skirt. Present count: Son 9 (not including stocking stuffers or unwrapped booty). Me: 1 stocking stuffer (from my mom!) and Middlebrow 1 (from his family gift exchange person). I can see how this Christmas is shaping up....
  11. Weighed myself. (Big mistake!! Do not do this!! Wait until January 1!! or 2!!)
Well. I must finish my Christmas cards, rip more CDs, and make some rice for dinner. Happy shopping.


Anonymous said...

You weighed yourself??? Good gracious girl!!!! What were you thinking?? I don't even think doing it in Jan. is a good idea. Perhaps March. Mom and I went to the mall. Not too busy. It was actually quite pleasant. My daughters' present count usually equals their weight....happy holidays and I just made some salsa and spanish rice for taco salad night. I too am trying to infuse my body with healthy food before the cookie orgy beings!!!!


Anonymous said...

I meant begins. Before the cookie orgy begins.


Lisa B. said...

you're back in town? hurray! I am a little disgruntled with myself at the moment, but never mind. happy holidays and do not put your body on that scale again, ever.

Renaissance Girl said...

avoid all scales. they are the tools of the devil.

my favorite thing about chex mix (and this applies to rice krispie treats) is that it doesn't matter how big a food snob i fancy myself: i'm still going to eat the whole freaking tray if it's put in front of me.