Saturday, December 08, 2007

Things to Do on a Snowy Day

Not necessarily in this order. But maybe.
  1. Sleep in.
  2. Drink green tea.
  3. Skip breakfast. Still full from last night's late night pizza (leftovers from Son and Babysitter)
  4. Try to finish the novel I'm reading (The Post-Birthday World)
  5. Shovel the walk/driveway/sidewalk in less than ten minutes
  6. Drive to Lone Star for lunch (because who doesn't need a burrito and the world's best iced tea?)
  7. Make second trip to Steve & Barry's (for gifts, sweater and vest for self, t-shirt for Son, sweater for MB)
  8. Stop by Red Balloon (more gifts, Playmobil Advent Calendar for Son)
  9. Finish book on drive home (more on this later)
  10. Put together advent calendar for Son
  11. Watch Son open days 1-8 in less than 5 minutes
  12. Wander around the house wondering what to do
  13. Read everyone's blog, comment on blogs, click links on blogs, surf
  14. Watch Son constructing new knight scenarios with calendar booty and castle stuff from two Christmases ago
  15. Drink some 7-Up
  16. Stare into space
  17. Laundry?
  18. Think about making more rice to go with curry leftovers from Thursday
  19. Consider the movie viewing options for the evening ("The Science of Sleep")
  20. Finally give in and grade a few Creative Nonfiction portfolios
  21. Sigh

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Lisa B. said...

I did a lot of "wander around the house wondering what to do" and "read everyone's blog, etc." and "drink tea," etc. Instead of Steve & Barry's, I went up to Jordan Landing. It was a meditative activity. I literally wrote the first two stanzas of a pantoum at the place I was eating lunch (not as good as Lone Star, but it was still a solvent for whatever was ailing me).