Sunday, December 02, 2007

In Which I Announce I Have Nothing to Say

I took a day off from blogging, which was nice. And also a day off from pretty much everything else. I sat on the couch and watched it snow and drank green tea. I didn't leave the house until 3 pm, when I walked around with Son and then went to the store.
Then, as MB said, we went to the play "Billion Dollar Baby." I too thought it was funny. It was amusing. Kind of a play within a play, as the character is writing an essay about "one person plays" and it was a one person play. And a reference to another play by the same playwright. It looked effortless, the play, and I thought, "Hey! I should write a play!" Maybe I will. Who knows.
Today we got a tree from a local place and put it up. We got lights on it, and approximately six ornaments before Son's bedtime. I promised he could decorate it tomorrow.
When I was a kid we got the tree on my birthday, which I suppose was meant to mitigate the fact that my birthday often got lost in the Christmas mania. And I think I did look forward to getting the tree and cake on the same day. Wow!
But it was fun, the tree getting. It looks a bit lopsided, but we'll fix that tomorrow, I suppose.
Right now we are listening to the new Holiday music I just downloaded from iTunes. (Right now it's Aimee Mann). I also got Diana Krall and Bing Crosby. We already had Christmas with the Rat Pack and some Barbra Streisand.
I'm so looking forward to the last week of school. Love it.
And now, having said I had nothing to say, I find that I did. Sort of.


ErinAlice said...

Well at least you admit you have nothing to say. So many people write or talk about nothing yet act like they have,indeed, said or written something. I like your honesty. I loved getting the tree on your bday.It also reminds me of spiced tea, which I am making this week. Yum. Merry Birthday.

Lisa B. said...

I'm going to try to get our tree earlier than my new-tradition date (two or three days before Christmas) this year--like, two weeks before. But my grading will be done, at least. We used to wait until the day after running son's birthday (Dec. 13) to get the tree. Then things got disrupted and the whole rhythm of things got upended. So who cared when we got the tree as long as it was before the family party and/or Christmas, whichever came first? But now my kids are making fun of me, and we can't have that.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm catching up, so I'm combining comments. First of all, I laughed so hard at the beer blog, I had tears. I was in my office, they already think I'm nuts!! Second, for many years I continued insisting that we couldn't get our tree until after your bday, because that's the way it was supposed to be. Then, I realized that I always wished we had had it up longer, so this year we got it on black Friday! We went to the tree farm and cut it down ourselves! It's gorgeous, and it's 9 ft. tall! And finally, you always have something to say, even when you don't have anything to say. And you always say it very well. Finally, I never remember my password, so that's why I'm usually anonymous! lisak