Friday, November 30, 2007

Things to do Over Break: A List

As MB said, This is the end. It's been a fun month that went way faster than one would think it could. But now I have things to do over break (once I finish grading and submit my grades, that is):

  1. Baking: chocolate chip cookies, this bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut cake I make every year from my and MB's birthdays, boob cookies (a family tradition, basically a small peanut butter cookie with a Hershey's kiss right in the middle), seven layer bars, some kind of sugar cookie for Son to decorate.
  2. Tree: This year we are finally getting a tree. Maybe tomorrow. I am looking forward to having the good-smelling, well-lit, glowy thing in our living room for almost a month.
  3. Reading: A lot. I just want to read some trashy detective fiction, and maybe finish a few more of the books that haunt my nightstand.
  4. Writing: I'd like to work on my novel (the old one), send out some short stories, and take one more look at my collection before I submit it to another publisher, just so I don't fall into despair about the publisher that my collection is now languishing at, unread and unloved.
  5. Sleeping: A radical notion, but maybe I'll go to bed earlier. Maybe.
  6. Swimming: Try to get up earlier to swim with the Serious Swimmers (otherwise known as the Masters. But I'm not the slowest one! So there's that.)
  7. IKEA: MB and I have an IKEA date. When Son is in school we're going to go shopping.
  8. Breakfast: MB and I also have a breakfast date. We drop Son off at school and then we go have breakfast. I'm hoping we can try a new place.
  9. Movie: I hope to see a movie in a theater. It's a radical notion, but it just might happen.
  10. Appetizer date-night: MB and I usually go out for our birthdays. This year we are going to IKEA. But I hope we can still squeeze in a date that goes something like this: appetizers and drinks, movie and popcorn, dessert and wine. That sounds like an ideal birthday to me and covers a few things on my list: baking (the dessert), movie, and this one of course, number 10. The end of the line. As far as we go.


Lisa B. said...

I was thinking I might try writing a poem a day this month--just because writing is good, and I'm in the habit of writing *something* every day at the moment.

As for breakfast, my daughter, niece and I ate at the Millcreek Cafe and Eggworks, and it was a very delicious breakfast. I recommend it.

Your break plans sound wonderful. I hope I get to see you sometime during the break!

ErinAlice said...

All of that sounds fun. I still have papers to write, things to read, grades to post blah blah blah. Have fun at IKEA. I love that place. The meatballs are good too. How about an IKEA limerick??

There is a store called Ikea from Sweden
they have fabulous things plus good eatin'
You can buy a bed, sofa or shelf
but you have to build them yourself
the directions have pictures so you don't have to read 'em.

How was that??

Renaissance Girl said...

You lose me at around #6. (Probably because I intend to do twice as much of 1-5 as you are imagining....)

I've been lurking around your blog for a long time--glad that we're both finally electronically waving to one another!

susansinclair said...

Have you read the Maisie Dobbs mysteries? They're smart *and* it's detective fiction. I feel like I'm cheating. And I have Ikea envy. I need a coffee table and end table and lamps, and Ikea would be perfect. But it's also over four hours away. *sigh*

Nik said...

Happy Blogomonth! I loved looking forward in every day. I'm sending the novel tomorrow!

Counterintuitive said...

My wife and I also have an IKEA date set for the break but I'm not sure I can follow through--all that mazed in square footage scares the hell out of me.