Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For your consideration

Occasionally, okay, sometimes, I think about going back to my vegetarian roots. Legend has it that I became a vegetarian my freshman year of college after running early in the morning near the dorm cafeteria and seeing a box of meat on the loading dock that said, "Grade D Meat: For Prisons and Institutions Only." I think I still ate some fish and a turkey sandwich here and there. But let's face it, it was easy to be a vegetarian in Eugene.
I started eating meat when I was pregnant because I was so anemic. Also, I craved meat. And I like red meat. I like lamb. I like sushi. I like lots of things.
But I know, (know, know, know) that many things, like cheese and milk and some kinds of meat (the kinds I like: bacon!) aren't good for me.
A friend from Idaho said she just read the book Skinny Bitch. I looked at it on Amazon and it actually looks good. It says things I already know: diet soda is bad for you, coffee is bad for you, sugar is bad for you.
Eventually, I guess, I should just do what I know is good for me. Thing is: I like sugar. I really do.
So what do you say? Should I do it? Should I go back to being a vegetarian?
But here's my problem: I like to eat local and it's hard to do that with vegetarianism (like avocados, in the winter? I love those too). And I think that there is some good local meat.
And also I'm lazy. It's hard to cook when you are a lazy vegetarian.
What's a girl to do?


Lisa B. said...

We must discuss this at length. There is SO much more to say than in a comment! I agree with trying to eat what is good for you, but I also think life is for living, so don't try to tell me I should never eat sugar. Just don't. Ditto caffeine. As for meat, I cook vegetarian at home, especially when it's just me and the historian. I love vegetables and the wholesomeness of that. Look at me, trying to say it all in a comment space! We must discuss at leisure. Preferably while drinking tea and eating a tiny cake or two. Or pie.

mryonker said...

I struggle with this often. I, too, was a strict vegan when I met my husband, who was a strict cow-eater. I, too, began eating meat once I got pregnant because of anemia, and because we did Bradley birth classes and I could never get my daily protein count without some turkey or something.

I'd like to go vegan again, but now with 4 other people in the house, most of whom would live on hot dogs if I allowed it, things are far more tricky.

Let me know what you figure out. ;)

ErinAlice said...

There are some good organic meats. I usually stick to chicken and fish at home. Red meat hardly ever unless it is organic. I don't really know if this means anything but it makes me feel better. Also, all things in moderation. Sure everything is bad for you if you eat a lot. I ditto what lisa b. says-don't tell me not to eat sugar or drink caffeine. Maybe that is why the book is called "Skinny Bitch" I would be one too if I didn't eat sugar or drink caffeine...oh and FYI our gma has had a cup or two of coffee a day since she was about 18 and seeing as she is 84 and is on NO medication for anything-she also eats sugar and red meat. So there.

susansinclair said...

I've tried going veg a few times, but it didn't stick. These days I'm less concerned about my weight (which is just fine, thank you very much) than I am about what my eating habits are doing to the environment.

Occasionally I slide into really bad I was drinking soda for a few weeks there...but then my body says NOOOOO real loud in fun ways like acid reflux.

And then my sister serves mocha cheesecake made with Kahlua and hershey's and I saw, bring it on, baby. In moderation. Because man is that rich.

Marcia said...

Ditto you, and ditto Lisa B. -- I was veg. for nearly 10 years, starting with frosh year in Eugene (vegan for, oh, a month?, but cheese and I are way too close), and now I just try to be about moderation. P. and I mostly cook veg. at home, except for fish (and salmon's so good for you!), but ultimately we eat whatever we want. I love sweets, I love fatty things, I love coffee (and recent studies suggest that whether it's bad for you is arguable)... so if I overdo it on one or the other, I try to balance it with something significantly healthier later. I don't think I really want to go back to trying to institute any hard and fast rules about what I'm "allowed" to eat. But it is certainly a topic to chew over for an evening.