Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's better than pie? Shopping!

In lieu of posting about the lovely, entertaining and, of course, delicious Pie Party, (for details, see Hightouchmegastore), I am going to post about the day after activities: shopping.
In case you haven't heard, Steve and Barry's opened here last weekend. What, you might ask, is Steve and Barry's? It's a department store selling celebrity clothing lines: Amanda Bynes, Venus Williams, and, most importantly, Sarah Jessica Parker's line Bitten.
Hightouch, daughter and I made our way down there and did some power shopping.
The best part about this store is that everything is ridiculously inexpensive. It's not on sale, the regular prices are just low. I got two pairs of pants: boyfriend jeans for $14.98 and black work pants for $19.98. I also got a button up shirt that fit my shoulders! Unheard of. It was only $12.98!
I still need to shop for some boots, but I am well on my way to super high fashion at a very low price.
And just to be clear, pie is not better than shopping, but it's just as good, in a different way.


ErinAlice said...

I think that eating pie and then shopping sounds great!! I have heard of Amanda Bynes clothing line but I haven't found out who sells it out here. There is a picture of her (soo cute) wearing on of her own dresses and it sells for 9.95!!!! Anyway sounds like you did well and anytime we can find shirts that fit our shoulders, it is a banner day. Happy Shopping.

Lisa B. said...

Oh the shopping was genius. The cords I didn't try on? perfect. It's all perfect. And I feel secretly hipper. So very very glad you told me about the new S&B!

lis said...

sorry I missed shopping day. I will be jealous of your new hip and cheap clothes.