Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cold Pie and Turkey Sandjou: A List

In honor of the upcoming Feast of Thankfulness and Overeating, a list of my favorite things about Thanksgiving:
  1. Pie: Pie for breakfast, pie for dessert, cold pie with whipped cream while watching the parade. Pie, pie, pie.
  2. Turkey: One of the reasons I'm glad we're staying home this year is that I get to make all the stuff, and you know what that means. Leftovers!
  3. Stuffing: Lots of different kinds of stuffing are good, but the only stuffing that will do on Thanksgiving is the exact same kind of stuffing your mom made when you were a kid. In my case, it's a melange of white bread (toasted), celery, onion, butter and poultry seasoning. I love it cold. So good.
  4. Mashed potatoes: I think I might have to be traditional and actually peel the potatoes this year for that smooth tato goodness. For the average weekday meal mash, I usually don't peel. The peels are good for you, you know.
  5. Gravy: How many times a year does a person eat gravy? In my case, usually once. So you have to do it right. I may make some mushrooms on the side, because I have become overly fond of mushroom gravy.
  6. Cranberry sauce: From a can. I mean, how much can one woman do? I like this okay, but I love it on sandwiches the next day.
  7. Green beans: For some color. You have to have some vegetables. Right? We will also have the all day vegetable tray with the carrots, celery, radishes, etc, and dip.
  8. Olives: When does one eat olives from a can? On Thanksgiving. I could eat a whole can just standing in the kitchen trying to get them onto the veggie tray and failing.
  9. Wine: I found a Martha Stewart turkey roasting recipe, and it involves basting the turkey with wine and butter. I think this is a good idea. And then there is the wine you open at noon so that you can start drinking before you eat. It's a good idea to eat a little something. How about some of those veggies?
  10. Family: I enjoy staying in my pjs most of the day, just hanging out with the family. I also like the mid-day football game. I held this game in Bellingham one year and Tommy Z tried to actually tackle me. I don't think he understood the finer techniques of touch football. Also, I don't think he understood that I'm supposed to win! But it was fun nonetheless. This year, maybe it will be me vs. MB and Son can be the person we all pile onto when someone makes a touchdown. Or Son can be the person who makes the "Goal! Scoredown!"
I will not be shopping the day after Thanksgiving, unless it's from my computer. I will avoid humanity. Perhaps this is the day we will hold the Harry Potter film fest. Or part one anyway. Also, on Thanksgiving morning, I will run a short race that Middlebrow convinced me to sign up for because he said he would run it with me, and now he's not. Loser. Well, I hope he and Son will be there to cheer me on.
Good luck with your pre-Thanksgiving food shopping. Also a nightmare. Not one of the things I am thankful for.


ErinAlice said...

Okay first of all, what is sandjou?? I looked it up on and it is not there. Did Son say this for sandwich. I think one of mine did too but I could be mistaken. Okay anyway I really like your plan except the part about running. I will probably take the traditional post gorging walk around the block but that is it. I am cooking a turkey rotisserie style on our grill-using butter, garlic and beer. How can you go wrong? Happy Turkey Day.

lis said...

will and I are heading down to Zion for thanksgiving, which I think is a splendid idea, but what about the food? I'm a little depressed about that. Luckily I got to make one pie and last night I made pumpkin bread pudding (which I ate for breakfast) so I guess things are ok. For our camping meal: stove top, pumpkin empanadas--not sure what to do about the turkey situation. any suggestions?

Lisa B. said...

I remember with fondness a dish I used to make with turkey leftovers--turkey divan, which called for a bechamel made with parmesan and sherry (cooking sherry, in honor of Betty Crocker, in whose 70s era cookbook I believe I first found this recipe). It's leftover sliced turkey, steamed broccoli, layered in a dish and blanketed in this fantastic sauce that will make you want to weep, or at least eat all of it and lick the dish, too.

Limon de Campo said...

I've had turkey divan!! It's fantastic.

Have a great holiday.