Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogging instead of...

I feel a little guilty for all the blogging I've been doing. Not because it's a waste of time, it isn't, but because of all the other things I should be doing, but don't do. Instead I blog.
So, I blog instead of
  1. Writing something else: a novel, a short story, a poem, a letter, an email
  2. Reading
  3. Grading
  4. Sleeping
  5. Exercising
  6. Cooking
  7. Baking (don't chocolate chip cookies sound good?)
  8. Cuddling Son to sleep
  9. Watching videos from TED (my new worst habit)
  10. Writing limericks about all the things I should be doing. Like "There once was a teacher of writing..."
Go ahead. Finish that one. I dare ya.


Lisa B. said...

There once was a teacher of writing
who blogged every day and most night(ings)
because she was dutiful
(and also most beautiful)
her conscience kept inconveniently igniting

If you are a syllable counter, well then too bad. I am very glad for your blogging.

susansinclair said...

There once was a teacher of writing
Whose wit was incisive and biting
She blogged night and day
While other tasks lay
Dust-covered and not so inviting

Nik said...

There once was a teacher of writing
who blogged while her students were fighting.
Their poems were messy.
Their comments were testy.
The teacher found blogs more enlightening.

In class, I blog. Thank god for small group workshops.

ErinAlice said...

I like a challenge:

There once was a teacher of writing (mostly fiction)
who was concerned with her students grammar and diction
But like people often do
she got distracted sometimes too
soon her blogging became quite an addiction.