Friday, November 16, 2007

Pie and....More Pie

Pie minus six minutes and counting....
I am awaiting my colleagues and their various significant others and, most importantly, the pie they have chosen to bring to the first of what I hope will be an annual Pie Party.
I made apple. It looks pretty nice if I do say so myself. I took Hightouch and Lis's advice and made the crust with butter. I think it went okay. I'll let them decide.
On the menu: chocolate and pecan, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie, apple, rhubarb? and perhaps other various unknown pies.
Also: Bailey's, and enough wine for many, many more people than are actually expected. We have to have some left over for Thanksgiving!
I'll post some pics and reviews.


Nik said...

I can't believe I'm missing the pie. The pie! My favorite desert! Oh, the pie.

Lisa B. said...

Your pie *was* beautiful and, more importantly, delicious. Loved your pie! Loved the pie party! This comment cannot have too many exclamation points! !!!

ErinAlice said...

A pie party??? Love it. Sounds fabulous.