Thursday, November 29, 2007

All He Wants for Christmas Is....

Son brought home a few Thanksgiving related exercises from school. You know, they made turkeys and cards and talked about what they were thankful for.
Son brought home a cared for Middlebrow. On the front was a picture of a turkey, a pie stamp, a sticker that said "Fish." And under that he had written "Beer."
Inside it said
Dad: I like pie. I like turkey. I like cranberries. I like beer.

I think we're lucky we have a liberal teacher. No one sent a note home about his beer lovin'. No one mentioned it to me. But I did say, "Maybe you shouldn't talk about liking beer at school. They're going to send Social Services." Which led to a lengthy discussion of what Social Services is.
And then, later, Son said, "What if I wrote to Santa and said, Dear Santa, I want beer. Please bring me a six-pack of beer?"
I replied that I didn't think Santa would bring him beer, as it's illegal.
"What if he wrote on it For Son only? Son, Son, Son?"
What indeed. I'm almost tempted to leave a six-pack of something under the tree for him. Maybe Root Beer?


Lisa B. said...

Oooh! They have four packs of those Izze sodas. At Target, of course. It's awesome. I am addicted.

ErinAlice said...

That is hilarious. If only I had known how easy he is. A six pack of beer??? You definitely need to leave something.