Monday, November 26, 2007

Why I'm Not In Bed

MB recently happened upon (I don't know how, he has some special gift with the internets) the site from TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design (I think). It's an annual conference where brilliant people in different fields give 18 minute talks. They have been uploaded to their site and you can watch them. Tonight I watched two. Here's the first one.

It scared me, in terms of education and what we're doing, or more specifically, what I'm doing to my Son, but it also gave me hope. Maybe we can just teach more art, more dance, let kids do what they want. Maybe.

I'll save the second one. It was by a filmmaker who gave cameras to soldiers going into Iraq. She made a movie from their films. It made me cry. But her talk was fantastic and I want to see her movie. It's called "War Tapes."


Prem said...

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ErinAlice said...

Yes I agree. I have watched that video from previous years. Sir Ken is always great and talks about creativity in education.He wrote a book I want to read but haven't found time yet. Wayne found that site -pretty interesting speakers. I will have to watch this years.

Lisa B. said...

mb is a genius with the internets--he should put that in his file. But I can't bring myself to watch the one you cried at--so maybe when next we see each other, you could just, like, tell me about it. This is a great site--thanks!