Monday, November 05, 2007

7 Facts about Me

I was tagged by Hightouchmegastore to do this 7 Facts about Me list. You know I love lists!
So, only 7?

  1. I'm an anxious, anxiety ridden individual, plagued by self-doubt and insecurity. Often this expresses itself in certain habits. Such as: drinking too much wine and talking really loudly, allowing my attention to wander so that I'm not paying attention to friends I should be listening to during conversations, saying things I shouldn't and then regretting them later, feeling a sense of competition with, well, pretty much everybody, worrying about my weight, my eating habits, the eating habits of Son, my exercise habits, saying cruel things I don't really mean but then can't take back. Basically, worrying about everything.
  2. I have these OCD habits like: picking up trash and straightening things up at events where I'm not responsible (wine and cheese get togethers, kids birthday parties, restaurants, friends' houses) but not, I should point out, my own house. (Perhaps I do it because I am nervous and insecure?)
  3. I love to read mysteries. Once, in my high school AP class we were doing presentations on Greek gods from Edith Hamilton's Mythology and I had an Agatha Christie book stuck inside my mythology book. Then, when it was my turn, I took Agatha out, stood up and did my presentation, sat back down and continued to read Agatha. I mean, I was reading, right?
  4. I hate fantasy books. I don't mind sci-fi, especially sci-fi that's like our world, but only slightly different. But I hate books with dragons and fairies. Especially fairies! All my friends read those Anne McAffrey novels in junior high, but I couldn't stand them!
  5. My favorite book in junior high was Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater. I love that he's a commentator on NPR now. He's so legit! If you haven't read it, you should. It's like Vonnegut for the tween set.
  6. My favorite movie in high school was "Casablanca." I was such a romantic! Now...hard to say. I still love "Annie Hall" and probably always will, but I think "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is riding high, because I wish I could write something that original and inventive. (and I kind of hate that guy because of it, see? competitive!!) But then there are all those other movies I love: Grease, Ladyhawke, Hannah and Her Sisters, Lost in Translation, Notes on a Scandal, etc, etc, etc.
  7. I'm running a fun race on Thanksgiving at City Creek. I think y'all should run with me. It's fun. If we can find someone to watch Son, MB will run too. Anyone?
So, I'll try to tag seven: Susansinclair, academom, not a folk singer, scorpion's tail, ErinAlice, SuziQ, Strange Polkas.
I did it! Success!


theorris said...

I think we've turned out "7 Facts about Me" into 7 confessions, of sorts (although yours is less so than mine.) I think I just woke up in a foul mood (which is another fact about me: I often wake up in a foul mood despite my demeanor.) I rather think I'm a grumpy person all the way around. I think my grumpiness comes out more in writing than it does in person, however. My job kind of requires me to be the eternal optimist.

Lisa B. said...

Is it so terrible that I am loving having new blog posts to read?

Well, I love it.

Also, I loved your first fact, because I could say the same about myself, word for word. Competitive worrying self-doubting--all of it. Thank you for articulating it. We can form a club that, actually, could have a membership called legion, if you think about it. And when shall we have that umbrella drink? it could be the first meeting of da club.

ErinAlice said...

Okay I will do it...I love a challenge.

Limon de Campo said...

Oh, I so undertand the anxiety thing. I make coffee nervous. (I think I heard that line on Beverly Hills 90210. Do I get credit or demerits for that?) I'm getting better, though. We should have a support group.

Oh, and I posted my 7 things. Thanks for the tag.