Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Actual Day

Somehow, Son managed to let us sleep until 8-ish. Then I had to bolt out of bed (okay, bolting may be a bit strong), eat something, drink some coffee, and somehow convince Middlebrow and Son to accompany me to the Race.
Well, they did. They dropped me off by the Capitol and went to get coffee before meeting me at the finish line. I liked this Thanksgiving Day race. Lots of families, running and walking, lots of groups taking pictures at the start. I especially liked the runners with turkey hats. I saw only one person I recognized, and I knew her from Son's school.
It was a jam packed race, and I was passing people the whole way, which made me feel good. Much of it was uphill (at least half) and the second half was downhill. Hooray! I felt pretty good about the race and when I checked the results, just now, I won the "Athena" category. For those of you not in the know, that means I weigh over 150 pounds! Crazy! Yes! But hey. At least I can win something. Though I have to say I felt like throwing up when I got to the finish. But then I had some water and a few bites of pumpkin bagel. All good.
We put the turkey in at 1, etc, etc, etc. Now I am boiling the carcass for all it's worth. I think I will make soup, though I can't say what kind. Maybe turkey with rice? turkey with noodles? unknown.
All the food was great: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce from a can, homemade pie with whipped cream. Delicious.
We are all thankful for many things: food, family, health. But son's list was my favorite: theaters, so we can see movies, our house, turkey drumsticks, and Harry Potter.
I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.
Let the insane Holiday Season begin.


ErinAlice said...

Way to go Athena. Do they weigh you before you race???? Ouch! That is so lame. Way to go on the running. I walked the dog but no running. I did other verbs: cutting, washing, opening, closing, buttering, baking, driving, paying, standing, sitting, eating, watching, drinking, yawning. Next on my list: sleeping.
Happy Turkey Day.

Limon de Campo said...

Very cool! Have a happy rest-of-Thanksgiving-weekend.

Lisa B. said...

sounds like a great day, though I still can't believe that you ran! on t-day. "Athena." Ha. It's true, though, you are a goddess for having run and cooked like a champion in the same day. I think I have an eating hangover today.