Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top Snack Foods at School

I think I'm in a list groove. I like lists. Lists are good. And right now I'm hungry. This list is limited to food that is available at my place of work. Meaning: vending machines, small snack store, and the dreaded food court.
  1. Cashews: maybe this is just what I had today. But I was craving them. And now that I've decided fat is good (well, natural fat, like nut fat) I can eat as many cashews as I want. I think I ate 24.
  2. Salad: actually, I think I'm addicted to the Caesar dressing at the pizza place. The salad is just so-so, your regular iceberg affair. But the dressing is good.
  3. Smartpop: Is that what it's called? That white cheddar stuff? It's good.
  4. Double-dipped chocolate peanuts: They sell these in bulk at the little snack place. Hightouch once gave me money to buy snacks for a department meeting and I came back with these gems. I may have eaten the whole bag. Thanks HTMS! I owe you!
  5. Chocolate: the usual kinds. I usually don't buy or eat these at school, trying to maintain my image of healthful snacking, but...I do buy candy sometimes. Rarely.
  6. Potato chips: I sometimes buy the baked ones, but I also love Salt & Vinegar. In a pinch I'll eat SunChips (I like them, but they are not my first choice, especially the cheese ones or the french onion ones).
  7. Gardettos: I might be mispelling that. I like the mustard kind. That's sort of weird, right?
  8. Sandwich: We have a new sandwich place, which I think is okay, as those things go. Their salads are weird, but big. ("...and such small portions!") But in a pinch you can get something mildly healthy, like a turkey sandwich.
  9. Coffee: you don't really want to get it at school, but sometimes you have to. It's watery. But it smells, almost, like coffee. And with enough flavored creamer, it's a meal.
  10. Pretzels: they seem healthy, but they are almost never what I want. I get them when I feel too guilty to get the potato chips.

I need a snack! Stat!


Lisa B. said...

Chili cheese Fritos, I'm afraid. Or, just plain Fritos. Or, of course, potato chips, washed down by water fountain water. I ate a granola bar out of a machine last week, but what was the point? Gack.

ErinAlice said...

Oh I am starting to like lists. I love snacks as well. My favorite chips are probably Spicy Thai or Salt and Vinegar. I just tried the new Chili Lime Cheetos and they were pretty darn good. Pretzels only if they are filled with peanut butter. I also love pumpkin seeds but they might not sell them there. Snack away!!

Dr. Write said...

Oh yes, I forgot about fritos! I too love the chili cheese ones. A guilty pleasure. I must seek those out! And those pretzels filled with peanut butter! And pumpkin seeds. Next time I'm hankering, I'm going to find those!

theorris said...

The salads at said sandwich place are actually made with other lettuces than iceberg.

We need to have a collaborative analysis of the cultural signifyers in said food court some time. For example, the older cashier (who in reality is probably not much older than me) calls me and everyone else "Hun" and remembers the small weak coffee I always order. She calls me "sir" when I am in a suit and doesn't remember the small coffee. She also likes saying "a la carte".

The menu itself is a thing of old-time Westside beauty, but that sounds just downright mean-spirited.

Who wants to start the analysis? I could write about it on my academic blog.