Saturday, November 03, 2007

Things I Feel Guilty About

  1. Not taking Gus for a hike
  2. Staying inside on a beautiful, sunny day
  3. Not writing
  4. Not reading enough
  5. Not being a good enough teacher
  6. Not running
  7. Drinking too much wine
  8. Watching too much TV
  9. Yelling at Son
  10. Guilt-tripping MB for his outings (but he doesn't feel guilt on his own, so I have to!)
  11. Eating pizza (but it tastes so good!!)
  12. Piles of shit (paper) in the basement
  13. Not having read all the books that clutter our tiny house

Okay, I know that's a lot. But there were some positive things about today: we purged the old computer and lots and lots of useless paper. We started piling some books (see #13) to sell at the used bookstore. And Son's last soccer game (yeah!). Saw a cool cartoon exhibit at the downtown library. Went shoe shopping with Middlebrow. Tried on jeans at Nordstrom Rack. That was a disaster. Does anyone else suffer from the big quads no hips no waist problem? Low-rise jeans help, but my god, who are these tiny women with their matchstick legs? It's why 501s never really worked for me (but I tried!).
Time to read Harry Potter to Son, and then try to get MB to watch a foreign film with me. Maybe I'll try guilt...


Condiment said...

If there's anything I love more than a list, it's a List of Guilt. I'm going to have to try this. It contains multitudes.

ErinAlice said...

Yes. I like this list. Um I don't have the same problem as you re. jeans. I have the med. size quad, hips, flat butt no waist....some jeans are not made for real life women. Maybe Cameron Diaz but no one else. I am going to work on a guilt list of my own except that I don't really believe in feeling guilty- it gives off too much bad energy!! It may be hard but I will give it a try...

Nik said...

It's a little disturbing that my guilt list is identical to your guilt list. We should try to feel guilty about something crazy--how about drinking too much water? Who knows what that water does to you? Who knows where it came from? What is that stuff even made of?

Anonymous said...

1. Not hiking or exercising EVER
2. Staying inside on a beautiful, sunny day
3. Not writing
4. Not reading enough
5. Giving poor children cheap-assed dolls and clothes made in sweatshops
6. Going into a house with no dishes, no food, and not buying the homeowner dishes, food
7. Getting caught smoking in front of my girls who think I'm going to die immediately if I smoke
8. Not saying yes, yes, yes
9. Not saying ah, fuck no
10. Not going to the police
11. Trying to get killed, then when realizing the people [I]thought would kill [me] in cliche derivative scenarios weren't, in fact, interested in killing [me], having to realize [I] do, after all, make tasteless unfair bookcover judgments about people who deserve more respect than [I], at least at those many and various times, was prepared to comprehend
12. Piles of shit (paper) in the basement
13. Not having read all the books that clutter our not-quite-as-tiny-as-before but definitely messy messy (like, who the fuck LIVES like this?) house (I've been working a lot, I'd like to say...)
14. Speaking of which, working for the bad guys 90% of the time (yeah, and for what? An extra 800 or so square feet--don't do it, your integrity for later)
15. Failing to click more often on Click Here when R. Redford's gigs send me save-the-blank emails

Anonymous...that's when you KNOW you feel guilty.

Lisa B. said...

gotta amortize the guilt--if this is all one day's guilt? I should talk, though. What I feelt guilty about? is that when my internet is dicey--still!--I kind of organize my day around logging on to check it out. Scary.