Sunday, March 30, 2008


We went out with Sylvia & Don this weekend. We went to Em's, which we went to with them the year before last, and we loved it, but we haven't gone back. Why?
The food was excellent, as was the company and the wine.
But the mushroom soup was sublime. Sublime!! I must start making mushroom soup. It was a broth soup (made from mushrooms, onions, garlic, what else?) and then it had three kinds of mushrooms (baby portabellos, shitake, button?). In any case, I could have eaten three bowls. It also had a nice crostini floating in it.
We were too full for dessert. Pity.
Who's dinner was best? Unknown. The scallop appetizer we shared was also perfect.
Before dinner, Sylvia, Don and I went for a cocktail at the Metropolitan. I had a delicious martini with the ice floating on the top (key!). And it was at least twice as good as the martini I had in New York and it cost less than half as much. Is that crazy? It's crazy!
I must now stop blogging and emailing in an effort to put off working on the DFL. I'm going to lock myself in the library for at least four hours today.
Then I'll top it off with basketball. I want Davidson to win, but I fear their winning streak may be coming to a close. I had them losing in the first round anyway.


Lisa B. said...

I love the setting at Em's, too--something about the place just gets me. The last time the historian and I were there, we walked in--it was at 5:30, I think--and there was just one guy seated at a table. The hostess asked, "How many?" and we said, "Two." So she said, "Let me see if there's a table," and we looked at each other all, Hello! There's nothing but tables! They seated us and by the time we were eating, there were a zillion people. So there: make reservations, that's the lesson of that story.

ErinAlice said...

Sounds fab. I didn't have any martinis in NYC. I just drank beer. Lots of beer. Oh and shots of tequila. I also had a drink called a buttery nipple. That was great. Had Baileys and other great stuff. Sounds like a delicious dinner.

Counterintuitive said...

your fears about Davidson proved correct. the only game this tourney I allowed myself to get too involved with emotionally.

Nik said...

Em's used to be one of my faves--they had the broccoli, potatoes and carrot timbale that was divine. I must come home soon so I can eat. I have been starving here. Wasting away without the Metropolitan or Em's or The Paris (even though you all are tired of the Paris, I still love it.) We should go out to Tiburon way out in Sandy this summer. Soon!

Lisa B. said...

I love Tiburon! I will so go there with you and everyone. And I have never eaten at the Paris, so I want to eat there too. I wonder if their frites are as good as the best frites I've ever eaten. Because if they are, that would be good.