Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reasons for Blog Silence

First it was Spring Break. Mostly we stuck around the house, but I did manage to get some work done on the DFL. Making Power Point presentation, importing pictures (I mean, stealing them from various internet sites), writing brief things to say about each one, worrying.
Then, we went to Boulder, Utah for a few days. It was beautiful and warm. On the drive down we stopped at Torrey and did a hike in Capitol Reef. Then we drove on to Boulder, checked in to our hotel, discovered we had forgotten the bathroom bag (my fault? possibly) and drove to the hippy gas station/convenience store to buy toothbrushes, toothpaste, a comb, and beer. We watched some NCAA excitement, sat in the hot tub, and then drank wine, ate chocolate and watched "Lipstick Jungle." Oh yeah, and we had dinner in there somewhere too.
The next day we went for a longer hike, but first we drove all around, went to Escalante, then drove back toward Boulder. But first we stopped at Kiva Koffe, which has to have the best view of any restaurant ever. At least of the places I've been. The hike was fun, but on the way back to the trailhead it was like a superhighway. And Son may have complained. Just a bit.
That night we had dinner at Hell's Backbone. I had delicious trout and quinoa and veggies. Middlebrow had delicious meatloaf and lemon mashed potatoes. They might be my new favorite thing. I also don't know how they get their roasted carrots to be so delicious. Maybe they just start out with better carrots? In any case, I ate every bite and was stuffed!
Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, so we basically just drove straight back home. I laid in bed and felt sick, but got up on Sunday to shoot baskets with the family and then go for a walk. But then yesterday I felt like crap again, but I taught anyway, because I would feel too bad about canceling class. Today I called in sick. So I hope I'm better tomorrow.
I'm thinking about going to the caucus tonight, just for fun. We'll see how I feel.
But I probably won't be blogging much until after the DFL. I already have 30 slides. Am I crazy?


Nik said...

I love Hell's Backbone. If only there was a road through the Escalante Staircase, we could meet there for dinner once a week! Silly Clinton and his roadless area. (There is a road, but it's 4-wheel only. On my end though...).
I'm so glad you went to Boulder. Erik and I have visions of escaping and living there forever. Come with!

Lisa B. said...

Wish I had eaten at the Hell's Backbone place. Sounds wonderful. Perhaps this can be a priority sometime in the near future. After the semester is over. Sorry you are sick. Am so looking forward to DFL.