Friday, March 28, 2008

Things I'm Doing Instead

...of working on the DFL which, by the way, is only 11 days away. Argh! Did I say 11? Help me!
So here's what I did, do, am doing:
  1. Attempted to do the Thursday NYT crossword (it's too hard! I'm too stupid!!).
  2. Started a new book (Water for Elephants. So far I like it.).
  3. Drank beer.
  4. Watched (very little) basketball.
  5. Drank coffee.
  6. Got my eyebrows waxed (hey! It's necessary!).
  7. Check my email obsessively.
  8. Worry about my syllabus for next year. Next! Year!
  9. Eat scones.
  10. Blog.
  11. Apparently going out to breakfast with The Devil, otherwise known as Middlebrow.
If any of you have any great ideas for my lecture, let me know. Just please, if you plan on attending, have low expectations. It's all I ask of you.


Renaissance Girl said...

I think your DFL should focus on a suitably elevated theme, something like: "Ways in which I, Dr. Write, am Distinguished."

Counterintuitive said...

Maybe watching more ncaa b-ball will help with the DFL. It can't hurt and will probably make the Devil happy.

I do know that every time I pass a DFL poster with that great photo of you, I'm impressed and humbled to be your colleague.

Lisa B. said...

Drink the coffee! Drink the beer! Eleven days is a really long time. Read the book! Don't worry about the syllabus, gosh. Blog, for heaven's sake, blog! Eat the scones! Eat them! As for the eyebrows and the great photo, counterintuitive is right: it is way, way better to look good than to be prepared. Screw being prepared. Being prepared is for suckers. Which leads me to my next point: have you picked your DFL outfit yet? I can help.