Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

This is the most beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, amazing film I have seen in the past year. Maybe ever. It did what so few films do, which is to convey emotion via images. Why do so few movies do this? Film, after all, is a visual medium. Yes, it is a good way to tell a story. But few movies actually give you firsthand experiences of a character.
The film was amazing for so many reasons. It probably should have won for best cinematography and best director. It presents such a brilliant vision of the story. It goes beyond the narrative of the film into memory and emotion.
I'm still enthralled. I keep thinking of specific parts.
And, I loved Niels Arestrup as Roussin. I am going to look for other movies that he's been in. He was captivating. Perhaps it was his silver hair and blue eyes. Max von Sydow was amazing too. The film was heartbreaking, of course, but ultimately inspiring.
I highly recommend it. It was thoughtful and beautiful. Just really really beautiful.


Lisa B. said...

So glad to know from someone whose judgment I trust that this is so good. This weekend we saw "Be Kind, Rewind," which I loved, and last weekend we saw "Savages," which was also wonderful. Does the fact that Schnabel is also a visual artist make a difference, do you think?

ErinAlice said...

I will put this on my ever expanding list of Movies To See....heartbreaking though???? I must prepare for that!!

Dr. Write said...

Yes, I think Shnabel has an artist (rather than a storyteller's) vision. It was a good story, but that wasn't its most prominent feature. I should look at his other movies.

lis said...

I agree--it was an absolutely amazing movie. I think you can see Schnabel's artist's vision most in those long scenes of the glacier falling, rebuilding. So beautiful.