Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's Hard Out Here For A Mom (For A Mom)

Okay. This is not a pity party.
I had a hard day. Two meetings. Two!! I recognize that some people spend their days in meetings but I didn't sign up for that life and you damn well know that I don't have that salary.
I love my kid. I do. You know I do. But the meeting I had to sit through because I care about the quality of education he receives and puts his little heart frustrating.
I almost, almost, said just screw it. I'll put him in a regular public school where I don't have to deal with this "whole child" speak. I mean, I want him to get the best education. But I almost feel as if I am punished for caring so much. I know I am. I mean, it's not cool to care, right?
I also feel bad for wanting so much for so little. I know the teachers don't get paid enough. I know it! I'm willing to pay more. But unfortunately my willingness to pay more gets divided by all the people who (in this state) procreate beyond their means and then want us (those of us who only have one child) to pay more for the same education. Okay. I'm willing to accept that. But. But!!
I'm willing to work for what I want. Put in the hours. Do the overtime.
But. But!!
I have different goals. The teachers have some goals and the parents have others. And never the twain shall meet. (that's a bad, no terrible literary reference. I'm embarrassed to admit.)
What is good for this?
Well. To start: red curry and masaman curry. And beer. And then a bottle of wine.
And then American Idol. And then some chocolate.
Then "Lipstick Jungle."
What is most redeeming for me about this trashy, 40-something drama? I can be candid and admit that I love Nico's affair with a young man and the way he wants her. Also, hello!, Brooke Shields has arms like I don't know and I love her!!
Enough said. Over and out.
*I had to edit out the F word. I re-read it this morning. Must remember: don't blog at night while upset after drinking too much wine!!


Lisa B. said...

Even the "whole child" schools are crazy bureaucracies, and they think they know better than you--so glad to be done with all of that, so sorry you had a bad day, glad you had curry and tv to take the edge off. Would love to hear the whole story, while shopping and/or eating. Before and/or after a matinee.

ErinAlice said...

Okay I just ranted to the principal at the girls' school about my frustration with snotty upper middle class white parents who act like you are a terrible parent for putting your child into public school. NO!! And then they say "Oh, I've heard bad things about that school." Have they ever been there? NO!!! I am sick of people who base their opinions on what they hear. Geez!! When they hear I am getting a degree in education then they really start talking and I want to say: "You should stop now because you are sounding more and more ignorant as this conversation goes on." Also, these parents who don't want anything but white kids in their school. What the....? Are you kidding me??!! I should have had beer and wine but I just had 1 beer and then watched AI. It helped a little.

ErinAlice said...

Oh also, love the reference to It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp. Very cool. You are SO with it!!

susansinclair said...

I hope the wine and curry helped with the attitude adjustment. As for meetings, I think we progressive types are as terrible about these as those white-collar-beauracratic-types. I mean, committees? And if we don't have a committee, we're mad because the process was too unilateral or insufficiently transparent. Are we every happy? Yes: if everything goes my way, I'm very happy.

Don't join the Unitarians, by the way, because they are some serious committee, it's part of the sacrament. If they had one.

Anonymous said...

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