Saturday, March 12, 2005

Confessions of a Soccer Mom

In ten minutes I have to take Son to soccer practice. Dad is the coach. I volunteered him. This is appropriate for my first post because I realize that whereas I used to define myself as a Writer, I now more often think of myself as a Mother. And now with the soccer, I am a Soccer Mom. So my various selves get shuffled throughout the day. But more and more I think of myself as a Soccer Mom sans mini-van and disposable income. And I'm not afraid to admit that I still have a little crush on Howard Dean, and that somewhere, in my heart of hearts, I secretly wish that Bill Clinton could run for President again. Is that part of what makes me a soccer mom or makes me less of a soccer mom? I'm so easily confused. In the bluest part of this red state, I'm afraid I'm too blue to be a good soccer mom. I mean, when it's my turn to bring treats I'll bring bottled water and fruit. My poor son will be unpopular because I won't bring Ice Blue Gatorade and candy bars. Sigh. Add this to the list of my unsuccessful forays into Real Life: bringer of treats.

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Anonymous said...

Well having been not only a soccer Mom but "Team Mom" I can say that as long as your team kicks down the field in the right direction, you're doin' great. At the 4-5 year old stage, our soccer teams did not keep score. This is to say the Organization didn't keep score. I don't think you can stop a parent from keeping track!! But you will be pleased to know that oranges are a favorite at halftime so, no worries. Best of luck,

--Kickin' it in Riverside