Wednesday, March 16, 2005

erasure by percival everett

This morning I finished Erasure by Percival Everett. He's my new favorite writer, by which I mean my new favorite, for he is not new! He has written five or six books. I also read Glyph, sometime last year. It was fantastic! He's really smart and he manages to blend intellectualism with a good story. What I like most about his writing is that it is what it is. He doesn't try to fit into any genre, or to make his writing more accessible or marketable. And finally, I think, he may be getting at least some of the attention he deserves. I, for one, am doing my part. He's my hero! And I may have a bit of a crush on him!
Today is Ross's first soccer game. I am not responsible for treats (this time) but I am taking under advisement Kickin' in Riverside's suggestion about oranges.
Spring Break trickles away, daily, daily. Today I sent out thirty-two submissions to magazines. (I can't wait to get my rejection from GQ! I've never been rejected by GQ before!). I have been rejected by Esquire. And Playboy. And the Atlantic. They always reject me. But they always send me a nice note. They are very friendly rejections.
I am looking forward to filling out my bracket and to watching Utah win tomorrow. Go Utes!
I am afraid I have no smart or witty things to add. Middlebrow is off to the store for artichokes. They're on sale! Our committment to buying things only when they are on sale is now being applied to food. This new found culinary cheapness probably has something to do with the upcoming Summer of Boxed Wine. More on that later. That was just a sneak preview.
Wish Ross and The Tigers luck in their first big game. Four-year-olds battle to the death in half-court soccer mania!!!!!! Goal!!!!!!

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