Friday, March 18, 2005

St. Patty's & Spring Break

Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day! In true Irish style, I went out drinking twice yesterday! Once for lunch (Irish Stew and salad) and beer (2002) with a friend whose daughter goes to school with Son. We watched Utah win (but it was too close!) while Middlebrow watched the kids. Then I watched Middlebrow's basketball game (he was 6 for 8, btw) and we went out for beer with the team. We actually had a babysitter.
Spring Break is trickling away. So far I have finished a book and watched Monk (on DVD) and watched a lot of basketball. So far, so good. Son is "cleaning up" so he can do a puppet show for me and all his animals. He made some emotion puppets (happy, sad, surprised, disgusted) and he gets behind the couch and performs conversations among them. Apparently Disgusted is Disgusted because of a worm sandwich. I want to know why Mad is Mad. Son was Mad yesterday because I put his shoes on and wouldn't let him take them off and put them back on again. Just another example of my inferior parenting skills.
Yesterday when I was getting ready to go have drinks with Other Mother, I put my tennis shoes on and Son said "why are you wearing those shoes instead of the boot ones?" I said because they were comfortable and he said "But those shoes don't go with earrings."
I find it hilarious that he already has some sense of which shoes go with earrings and which don't. Once when I went out he looked at my outfit and said, "I don't like your style." Sigh. Even Son knows that I am Fashion Challenged. I wish there were a Mom Uniform so I could just wear it, like those children in their school uniforms. Khakis and a white shirt. I can do that. Or a blue sweater and jeans. That's my Mom Uniform. And running shoes. (But apparently earrings are forbidden with running shoes. Earrings with black boots only.)
Well. Son seems to be ready for the Puppet Show. I can't wait to find out why Surprised is Surprised. And hey, I have two more days to finish my grading.

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