Thursday, March 24, 2005

Welcome to Thursday!

I am waiting for swimming to begin, so that I may swim. The lifeguards won't let us get in the pool until our"teacher" gets there, even though we are all excellent swimmers, much better than the aqua-aerobics contingent, whom they allow to get in the pool before their teacher arrives. Maybe because they don't swim, but merely hop up and down in the cool water, waving their arms around. Most of them don't even get their hair wet! (but don't get me wrong: I'm pro-water aerobics!)
Tonight I am attending the keynote address of the Science and Lit symposium by Leslie Forbes, a British writer. Should be interesting. But it is directly after swimming, so I must eat the sandwich in my bag for "dinner." So, really, I'm only interested in whether or not there will be "snacks" before the event, or just after. Usually it's only after. But I'll be so distracted by my hunger that I will be thinking about food instead of about the brilliance of the speaker. I have an apple too.
See? I can't avoid the topic of food. Am I obsessed? Speaking of obsession, I assigned my students to write a sestina and they came up with the words: read, fly, dog, sex, moon boots, run (in any order). So this, too, is your assignment. I still haven't received any sonnets. I'm waiting. .
I'm looking forward to the basketball weekend. And if you happen to call our house or if you run into Middlebrow, don't ask about the rain and our roof. JUST DON'T ASK. I warned you. Ciao!


theorris said...

Ack now a sestina! WHINE. Heh I do sound like a student again. The last time I wrote a sestina (not too long ago in response to a friend) I felt psychotic afterwords. Sestina's are not my friend. I'll give it a go, however, oh Dr.Write. It will take some time, however.

Lisa B. said...

I will work on my sestina, I promise, Dr. Write. I just posted an online lecture about sestinas to my online course--we'll see what the students make of it. I hear you're going to AWP. I hope I see you there. I'll try to attend your session, which sounds interesting to me.